Theft by fiduciary is essentially embezzlement.  One may face such a charge when accused of taking money or property from one’s employer.  Professionals such a lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, to name a few, may also face this offense.  The offense is a combination of a claim of theft as well as a breach of trust.  One facing such charges in the past typically only received probation as a probation; that is not the case today.  Many District Attorneys are now vigorously prosecuting these crimes, and seeking prison sentences.  Juries are starting to met out prison time as well.  Most prosecuting offices now have specially trained attorney who only handle these types of cases.

Consult with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney with experience in this area of the law. There are many nuances and evidentiary issues that such an attorney should possess in order to advise you well and in order to place you in the optimal position.  Keep as many options open as possible by seeking a qualified attorney to help you.

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