Counterfeiting and Forgery

Forgery is the crime of making or adapting objects or documents with the intent to deceive or trick another. An example would be signing another person’s check without their permission, cashing it and keeping the cash. Forgery is typically used to deceive another in a fraud case.

Counterfeiting is defined as the forgery of money or documents. If you have been charged with forgery or counterfeiting in Central Texas, you need a lawyer who is experienced with white collar crimes cases. At the Law Office of Tylden Shaeffer, we can review your case and let you know what to expect.

An Attorney Will Defend Your Rights

Counterfeiting and forgery charges should always be taken seriously due to the harsh legal consequences often involved. In Texas, counterfeiting and forgery are both considered white collar crimes. San Antonio white collar crimes attorney Tylden Shaeffer understands how complicated white collar crime charges can be.

They often involve lengthy investigations, which can disrupt the personal and professional life of the accused. By working with attorney Tylden Shaeffer, you are taking a step toward ensuring your rights will not be violated during these investigations or throughout the legal process.

Fraud & counterfeiting defense lawyer Tylden Shaeffer is committed to providing the ideal legal defense and will fight for you. He has handled many counterfeiting and forgery cases in Texas. His office is located in San Antonio and he represents clients within and around all of Central Texas. Defense lawyer Shaeffer is qualified to defend white collar crimes cases in either State or Federal Court.

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