What Is Conspiracy?

When two or more people collaborate or plan in an attempt to commit a crime or perform an illegal action, the crime they are committing is known as conspiracy. This may include plans to commit many crimes, including embezzlement, fraud, counterfeiting/forgery and even insurance fraud and drug charges. Conspiracy is a serious white collar crime and can be charged in many cases as a felony crime.

There are two basic specifications that have to be made in order for two or more persons to be charged with conspiracy. First, there must be two or more people who willingly plan to commit a felony crime. Second, one or more of the persons involved must perform an act that pursues the criminal act or furtherance of the agreement.

According to Texas Penal Code Section 15.02, if one person is involved in the conspiracy with the other collaborators but does not perform a part of the crime, it is not an accepted defense to say they did not commit the crime because they were involved with the conspiracy. This means that even if a person is only a partner in the crime without actually committing the crime, they can still be charged due to knowingly being a collaborator of the conspiracy.

Due to the fact that conspiracy alone is a crime, it is not necessary for the prosecution to prove that those charged actually committed the planned crime, only that they conspired to commit the crime. If you have been charged with conspiracy you could face serious criminal penalties that can seriously harm your reputation and even hurt your finances with huge fines. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced San Antonio white collar crimes lawyer at the Law Office of Tylden Shaeffer if you are facing criminal charges.

Conspiracy Defense Lawyer in San Antonio

If you are convicted, you could face prison time as well as huge fines and a mark on your criminal record. A conviction can harm your reputation and even cause problems for future employment opportunities. Don’t risk your future and freedom to chance. Attorney Tylden Shaeffer at the Law Office of Tylden Shaeffer is dedicated to providing his clients with the ideal defense for their cases. By utilizing aggressive legal tactics and investigating every aspect of your case, our legal team can significantly improve your chances of obtaining a successful conclusion.

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