A San Antonio Shoplifting Defense Attorney Who Fights For You

Have you been accused of stealing something from a retail store in the San Antonio area? You may be in danger of facing shoplifting charges, a situation that may place you at risk of the following penalties:

  • Anywhere from a few days to a few years in jail
  • Hundreds to thousands of dollars in fines
  • Living with a criminal record

With a San Antonio theft crime attorney to review your case and determine the optimal course of action for your defense, you have the opportunity to make an informed choice about your charges. You have the chance to seek a case outcome that does not involve a conviction and serious penalties but rather allows you to face a future free from a criminal record.

What is considered shoplifting?

Shoplifting is a theft crime that is generally associated with taking small quantities of goods from an establishment without purchasing them. Although most shoplifting charges involve property with a low retail value, there are some situations where it involves expensive goods. In these types of situations or if the defendant already has multiple shoplifting convictions on his or her record, felony charges may be sought by the prosecutor.


Building a successful defense against these charges can be difficult. With a complete investigation into the matter and the right approach by a dedicated attorney, it may be possible to challenge evidence the prosecution has gathered against you. Even video surveillance or the testimony of a security guard or store employee can be contested in the right circumstances. The goal will be to build a strategy based upon the defendant's unique case.

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