Auto Theft Defense

Taking another person's motor vehicle is a criminal offense generally referred to as auto theft or “grand theft auto.” If the theft was committed by force or violence, it may be referred to as carjacking and would be charged under the robbery statute. Any criminal offense related to auto theft may be extremely serious. A defendant is likely to face felony charges, particularly if he or she was in possession of or used a weapon at the time of the offense. The value of the car, the defendant's criminal history and whether violence was involved will be the three main factors in determining the sentence imposed for a conviction in San Antonio, Texas.

Acting immediately to discuss your criminal charges with an experienced San Antonio auto theft lawyer is one of the most important things you can do in this serious matter. Attorney Tylden Shaeffer offers a confidential consultation so that he can review your case and lay out the options for you.

Auto Theft Charges

To secure a conviction for auto theft, the prosecuting attorney must prove the following factors beyond any shadow of a doubt:

  • The defendant took the vehicle without the owner's consent and/or knowledge;
  • The vehicle did not belong to the defendant; and
  • The defendant took the vehicle with the intent of permanently depriving the owner of its possession or use.

Because the burden of proof in any criminal case lies with the prosecution, your criminal defense lawyer can work to disprove some aspect of their case by discrediting a witness's testimony or bringing into question the validity of key evidence. In some instances, all it takes is a small window of opportunity to present reasonable doubt in the mind of the jury.


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