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"Theft crimes" encompass a rather broad variety of criminal offenses, all relating to taking another's property or money. A theft crime may be violent in nature or may be conducted without the victim knowing or by means of deception. In fact, many white collar crimes are also theft crimes, most often involving fraud. Certain theft crimes may be charged as Federal offenses, meaning the defendant will face trial in Federal Court.

Theft Crimes Defense in San Antonio

Below, are some of the types of theft crime cases that Tylden Shaeffer handles:


Grand Theft Auto

Theft By Check


Theft by fiduciary/misapplication of fiduciary funds


Juvenile Theft Crimes

Fraud Crimes


Bank Robbery


Theft by Deception

Identity Theft

Welfare Fraud


If you are facing theft crime charges in San Antonio, you need to act quickly. You do not have much time before law enforcement works to get a confession or gathers physical evidence that proves your guilt. As a skilled criminal defense attorney, he can review your case thoroughly and advise you regarding the strength of any defenses you might have as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case against you.

Even though many theft crime cases may involve video surveillance or witness testimony, a San Antonio theft crimes attorney who is highly experienced and dedicated to defending your rights will still be able to help you avoid a conviction or at least avoid maximum penalties. Some of the penalties a defendant may otherwise face can include: fines, imprisonment, community service, restitution to the victim and probation.

Contact San Antonio criminal defense attorney Tylden Shaeffer today if you or someone you know has been arrested for a theft crime in or around San Antonio or the surrounding areas in Central Texas. Attorney Shaeffer has experience in representing clients in these types of cases and can protect your rights so you can avoid maximum penalties for these offenses.


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