Accused of Sexual Assault in Texas?

It is of the utmost importance that you take full advantage of your right to legal counsel. As an experienced San Antonio assault defense attorney, Tylden Shaeffer will offer you the guidance and support you deserve.


San Antonio Sexual Assault Attorney

Facing Sex Crime Charges in Texas? Get the Defense You Need.


Tylden Shaeffer, Attorney at Law, P.C. is a firm dedicated to acting swiftly and working efficiently to create the strongest defense strategy for you. With the experience of a board-certified lawyer, Tylden Shaeffer will fight for you, working hard to produce the optimal case result. A conviction for a sex crime could impact your future — act fast! Time is of the essence.

Individuals accused of Sexual Assault need an attorney with both the experience and the fortitude to stand up in court and represent you.  These are difficult cases that tax both the client and the attorney.  Do not settle for an inexperienced attorney; choose one with the knowledge and the ability to represent you when you are charged with such a serious crime.

You will likely feel that everyone already thinks you’re guilty despite the fact that there may be little or no physical or competent evidence against you.  Your case could be based solely on the statement of a single witness who’s story is either unverified or full of inconsistencies.  Nevertheless, you are facing the potential for severe penalties and lasting consequences due to these charges.  Find an attorney who has experience with these cases and understands how to review the case and vigorously defend against such charges.

Aggravated Sexual Assault

You could  face even tougher penalties if accused of an aggravated sexual assault. In fact, some of charges carry mandatory prison time with no probation available. These offenses will tax both you and your family. One may face an aggravated charge when a young child is involved, a deadly weapon is used or exhibited, serious bodily injury is alleged to have been inflicted or the individual is placed in fear of being killed or of receiving serious bodily injury, or of being kidnapped.

A proper and effective defense to these very serious allegations requires an attorney with not only the experience, but the ability and will power to help you in this dire situation you may find yourself in.  You will need an attorney who is capable of reestablishing your good name and reputation and getting your life back in order.

Accused of Internet-based sex crimes? Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Internet-based Sex crimes

These crimes include sexual exploitation of children and child pornography.  These are probably the toughest cases that an attorney will face.  Choose wisely, and choose someone with the ability to stand up for you in court.  Choose an attorney with the ability and experience to review your case and advise you professionally and competently.

Many of these cases will land in Federal Court. Seek the advice and counsel of an attorney with the necessary experience and ability to represent you effectively.