Your San Antonio Probation Violation Attorney

If you are facing charges for probation violation, it is imperative that you retain the immediate representation of Tylden Shaeffer. Courts may grant probation as an alternative to jail or prison.

These are some of the standard terms that the court will order:

• Attend meetings regularly with the probation officer

• Abstain from drinking any alcohol

• Finding and securing employment

• Maintaining distance from or within a particular area

• Fulfilling community service hours

• Avoiding arrest or further criminal charges

• In addition, the judge may order the following as his or her sole discretion:

• Place you in jail as a condition of probation

• Up to 30 days for a misdemeanor and 180 days for a felony

• Drug testing

• Alcohol and substance abuse counseling—both out- and in-patient

• Restitution to the named complainant in the case

• Curfews

• Travel restrictions

• Driver license suspensions

• Individual or group counseling, such as anger management, theft cases, etc.

The Next Steps To Take

Your case may differ from the next one, but there have been instances when judges have shown some flexibility with doling out punishments, especially if you are nearing the end of your probation violation. However, being charged with a new offense could result in harsher punishment. The consequences may range from revoking your probation all the way up to imposing a jail sentence. It is imperative that you fight your charges effectively and employ an experienced San Antonio defense lawyer right away to stand up for you.


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