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A felony is the most serious type of criminal charge that a person may face as it is punishable by imprisonment in state prison for anywhere from six months to life, or by the death penalty in some cases. Crimes that are typically categorized as felonies include manslaughter and murder, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, burglary, drug trafficking and many federal crimes. Often these offenses involve violence, but theft or fraud may be classified as felonies depending on the amount of money involved.

Making sure you have defense representation in the face of your San Antonio felony charges is one of the most important issues you can address after an arrest or in the face of a criminal investigation involving yourself or a loved one. It is highly recommended to contact an attorney as soon as possible to learn more about your legal rights and options in these matters.

Some crimes are "wobblers" which means they may be classified as felonies or misdemeanors depending on the particular circumstances of the offense; DWI is such a crime. While a first DWI offense is be a misdemeanor, multiple offenses or a DWI causing serious injury or death may be classified as a felony punishable by years in prison. One of the many actions that a competent criminal attorney should take in fighting your San Antonio criminal charges is to help ensure you do not face more serious felony charges and therefore enhanced penalties. Early intervention may assist your lawyer in accomplishing this, including presenting evidence early on and negotiating with the prosecuting attorney to work toward having charges dropped entirely.

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