Clear Your Texas Criminal Record

Do you have a probated sentence or even an arrest on your record that has made it hard for you to obtain or keep a job? Do you have a child who wants the same opportunities of attending college or obtaining a job as anyone else? A criminal record can follow you around for life, but with the help of an experienced attorney it might be possible to obtain a record clearance. Expunction, or record Clearance is defined as having a criminal conviction “cleared” from your record. An adult (anyone over 17) can sometimes have a Texas court take a case off his or her record in some case instances. Moreover, some cases that concluded in deferred adjudication probation (probation without a conviction) may be eligible for adult sealing, or an order of non-disclosure. If it was a juvenile crime, you may have the record sealed in most cases.

As an adult in Texas you have the following three options to clear your record:

  • Petition for expunction in a civil district court to erase your criminal record (although it may be accessible to certain federal government agencies for very limited purposes.) A successful order granting expunction allows one to deny that a record or arrest ever existed.
  • Petition for non-disclosure (this will not erase your record, but will seal it from most employers and allows you to legally deny a criminal record when asked).
  • Constitutional Writ of Habeas (this is rare, but it essentially allows you to readdress past legal errors to try and erase your conviction.)