Non-Disclosure Petitions or Adult Sealing

For the vast majority of offenses, one may be able to seal a record when an expunction is not available.  For instance, in the case where you received a deferred adjudication probation and completed it without the court finding you guilty, convicting you, and either placing you on regular probation or jail or prison, it is likely you are eligible to have your record sealed.

For most class A and B misdemeanor level offenses, one is immediately eligible for sealing once the probation is terminated; there are several exceptions, such as misdemeanor gun cases that require a one year waiting period after the end of probation.  For felony level offenses, one must wait five years after the termination of probation to obtain a sealing order.

Lastly, the Non-disclosure has a number of exemptions.  Most professional licensing boards—e.g., Medical, law, nursing, accounting, teaching (grades K through 12)—will still see your deferred probation and you would still need to disclose it that those entities.  In addition, as the parent of a school age child, grades K-12, your child’s school will also be able to find your record after a sealing.  Schools routinely run background checks on parents who volunteer as home room assistants, and chaperons for field trips.  Other examples of exempted entities are Police, Fire and EMS departments.  Nevertheless, despite these exceptions, a non-disclosure order may still be of great value to you; so contact a knowledgeable attorney who can professionally advise you on your options.

Juvenile Sealings

As a parent of a juvenile offender in Texas you may have your child’s record sealed. This will make it so future schools and employers will not be able to view your child’s record. Depending on the case, you may be able to have your son’s or daughter’s record sealed with the help of an experienced lawyer, without having to go to court.

Criminal Law Defense Attorney

San Antonio record clearance lawyer, Tylden Shaeffer, understands how important record clearance is to your life and your future. A criminal conviction on your record can damage your reputation and keep you from obtaining a job. Attorney Tylden Shaeffer can look at the facts and circumstances to determine whether or not your case is entitled to relief.