DWI Defense Lawyer: First Time Charges

In the state of Texas, a first time conviction of DWI carries with it the penalties of fines, a license suspension, possible jail time, and other court costs associated with prosecuting the case against you and various counseling courses and meetings.

But what most people fail to consider is the domino effect that can start when pleading guilty to what may appear to be a minor charge. The conviction of a first time offender sets up the possibility for much steeper penalties should one be convicted of a second DWI at some point in the future. With each successive DWI conviction, the penalties and fines become more severe.

This is why you should always seek the professional counsel of a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Tylden Shaeffer has the experience to fight a DWI charge. Challenging DWI evidence is the most effective way of defending a charge, and he has over twenty years of experience both prosecuting and representing those who have been charged with DWI.

Don’t Plead Guilty

Contact his office as soon as possible if you have been charged with a first time DWI or any subsequent DWI offense. He is always available to take your call and schedule a convenient, confidential and free consultation to review your case. Don't blindly accept an offer to plead guilty to a first time DWI. The long-term effects of such a conviction could cause you to lose your privilege to drive for months and sometimes years.