DWI Defense Lawyer: Multiple Charges

What Are the Penalties for a DWI Felony?

If you have been charged with your third DWI—no matter how old your prior two cases are—you are now facing a felony-level offense and the threat of going to prison. This type of crime will carry severe consequences and penalties, including a driver's license suspension for two years and up to $10,000 in fines.

You will also be required to serve hundreds of hours of community service and may be subject to up to ten years in jail. Moreover, even probated sentences for felony DWI carries a mandatory jail sentence as a condition of probation and well as the imposition of breath test monitoring devices in your vehicle(s).

What You Need to Know After a DWI Arrest

From the moment of your arrest, the court will require that you place an alcohol detection device in your vehicle that you must use prior to driving. Moreover, if you are convicted and you receive.

probation, the court will require that you keep this device in your vehicle. Any violations reported by this devise—which is not infallible—can lead to the loss of your bond; additionally, should your case go to trial, that evidence may become relevant against you at some point in the trial. A DWI felony is a very serious matter that has many collateral consequences.

You will need to have an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney in your corner. Such an attorney will have the experience to help prepare you to meet these serious charges and obtain the optimal outcome for you. Ensure that your record and your life are not altered forever with an ineffective defense. Enlist the legal experience and professional dedication of Tylden Shaeffer.

Your DWI Defense Attorney

In the state of Texas, DWI laws are constantly becoming stricter. If you have been arrested and charged with a DWI in the past, you know how difficult and confusing this time can be. It is crucial that you enlist the legal support of a San Antonio DWI defense lawyer you can trust. Attorney Tylden Shaeffer is prepared to help you fight against your felony DWI charges. He has been representing clients and practiced criminal law throughout San Antonio for more than 25 years. With extensive trial and legal experience, he is committed to providing his clients with the support they need during their DWI trial.

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