Transportation of Drugs Charges in San Antonio

The transportation of drugs across state lines or in and out of the country is a very serious crime, and can involve federal law enforcement, state law enforcement or both. If you have been found and charged trafficking or transporting any quantity of illegal drugs, the charges you face could be harsh. This can include severely long prison terms and enormous fines and costs depending on the amount of drugs involved and the particular facts of your case.

Being discovered with any of the following substances could potentially lead to a drug transportation conviction:

•  Marijuana
•  Cocaine
•  Heroin
•  Methamphetamine
•  Ecstasy
•  Opium
•  Illegally obtained prescription drugs of any type

You will be facing the federal prosecutor's office or the state's attorney's office with their vast support network of investigators, trial team, and law enforcement machine. Don't face this system alone.

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The stigma attached to drug crimes, even prescription drug crime, is real. Tylden understands how seemingly innocent people can get caught up in the web of prescription drug addiction or dependence, as well as other illegal drugs. When you are pulled over for a routine speeding violation and then searched, if you are carrying pills without your prescription bottle and a label with your name on it corresponding to those pills, you could be charged with transportation of controlled substances.

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